Sony XDRF1HD HD Radio Tuner

Sony XDRF1HD HD Radio Tuner for Sale

Experience more choices, crystal clear sound, and no subscription fees. Enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard with AM stations that can deliver FM sound quality and FM stations that sound like your favorite CDs. HD Radio, Discover It. Key Features: *High Fidelity AM/FM/HD Radio™ Technology *Clear, Static-Free HD Digital Radio Reception1 – AM radio sounds like FM quality, FM radio sounds like CD quality and HD radio is digital quality. *20 Station Presets – Set up to 20 of your favorite AM and FM radio stations. *Works with most Audio Systems2 – Just connect the receiver to most systems and enjoy the many HD radio stations available now. *FM Multicasting – HD Radio provides the ability to receive multiple program streams over a single FM frequency. *No Monthly Subscription Fees – HD Radio programming is free, unlike satellite radio where you have to purchase a subscription. *Audio Out Jack – For easy hook up to an audio system. *Backlit LCD Display – easy to see large, full-dot backlit LCD display has brightness, contrast and display mode adjustments. *Full Function Remote Control – Included Specifications Audio *Antenna System – 75 ohm for FM, AM *Frequency Range – AM: 530 — 1,710 kHz, FM: 87.5 — 108 MHz Convenience *Date/Time Stamp – 12 hour clock Power *Output Power – 2.8 W + 2.8 W ( at 10% harmonic distortion) *Power Requirements – 120 V AC, 60 Hz

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Product Details

  • High Fidelity AM/FM/HD Radio™ Technology
  • Clear, static-free radio reception
  • FM Multicasting with No Monthly Subscription Fees
  • Audio Out Jack
  • Full Function Remote Control (Included)

Sony XDRF1HD HD Radio Tuner Customer Review

IF this HD tuner has such great sound quality, why do so many users seem disappointed with the sound?

The answer is that the sound quality that people hear from their speakers is dependent not only on the tuner, but is necessarily limited by the poorest component in their system. After the signal leaves the tuner, it must pass through connecting wires, amplification equipment and speakers. The signal flowing through these components is analagous to water passing through pipes in a home.- If there is dirt anywhere along the inside of the pipes, dirt will flow out of the faucet.

So for people who play this tuner through a system that has at least one bad sounding component, the sound from the speakers will be bad.

This tuner is so good, that to experience the full impact of its capabilities, a very expensive system is required. I have two of these tuners, one for my home system, and one for the electronics lab at work. Both systems are very good. The work system has components all carefully selected for sound quality, and has an MSRP value of 00. The home system has better components valued at over 000 MSRP. The tuner in the home system sounds much better, but only when the particular program source is of high quality. We find that most popular music is very well recorded with respect to sound quality, but some of it is poor. And this fabulous souding HD tuner played through a 000 system will not make a poor program source sound good. In fact, poor program sources tend to sound better on our cheaper system, because it is less revealing of details.

So it should not be surprising that some people will not hear the beautiful music that this tuner can reproduce. I don’t mean to suggest you need a very expensive system to enjoy and appreciate it, but the result will inevitably be limited by the other components in the system.

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